Getting started#

Install Ewoks

pip install ewoks

Execute a demo worfklow with parameters and print the result of each worfklow node

ewoks execute demo -p a=10 -p b=3 --test --outputs=all

Save the demo worfklow in JSON format

ewoks convert demo demo.json --test

If you feel confortable enough with the instructions above, the Ewoks documentation is a good starting point. It describes Ewoks’ place in the workflow management landscape, gives installation instructions and provides useful links to continue your Ewoks journey.

If you are looking for a more step-focused approach, you can check the Ewoks tutorial for developers. Concepts like workflows, tasks, and the different Ewoks projects are introduced progressively throughout the slides.

ℹ️ This tutorial is given to ESRF staff on a monthly basis so the material continues to evolve.